• Sharon McEnearney

Inktober 2020: The First Batch

It's the best time of the year! Inktober is here!

Every year, I look forward to Inktober with such anticipation. I really love seeing artists across the world unified by prompts and yet show case the extremely broad range of creativity that those prompts create. It's a real treat.

Just as in previous years, think Inktober I made my daily comics correlate to the official Inktober prompt list.

All month long I'll be sharing the strips daily on Instagram and Facebook, but then once I week I'll post a more in-depth look at a group of strips from the month until each one is covered! Here's a look at the first six comics!

Prompt: Fish

My favorite thing about using Inktober prompts for comic ideas is deciding if I want to use the word directly in dialogue or simply use it in a way that informs the artwork and the joke. I feel like it would have been too much of a stretch of her personality to have Squiggles made a joke about fish or fishing, but having a dramatic dialogue about the spirit of exploration seems a little more in character for her. It seems to be a recurring trope in my strip to have long speeches cut off or to have the deeper questions ignored, so it's only natural the little fish aren't listening. Plus they already know the secrets of the ocean floor...they just don't like sharing.

Prompt: Wisp

Wisp is a word that I don't use often. In fact, as I'm typing this I realize there's spelling error in the actual strip where the word is spelt wrong. Cartoonists make mistakes too! Sorry! Spelling error aside, what I like about this strip is the twist ending. From the beginning it is setting up a punchline where someone else is clearly the culprit. No one ever suspects the investigator to be the one who did the crime! It's a plot twist so unexpected that Law & Order asked me to write their season finale this year.

Prompt: Bulky

I knew from the moment I saw this prompt, I wanted to draw someone in a nice bulky sweater. At first I thought Suzie would be perfect for it. I mean, what's better than an already wooly sheep wearing even more wool? Maybe the joke felt a little to obvious and expected. I already knew a bulky sweater would have to be the punchline, but I tried to dress it up in a more exciting way. I didn't just want to have one of those "Gee I love fall! The sweaters! The leaves! The pumpkins! The weird tradition of putting making front yards into fake cemeteries with bad puns!" So I tried to make the sweater a surprise. Did it work? I don't know, but I like it.

Prompt: Radio

I LOVE the old timey radio voice. It's hard to make that voice carry over into a comic though. I did my best to convey the feeling though. I hope it carried over.

What I really like most about this strip though is that the race being broadcast is a tale as old as time, the tortoise and the hare. We know how the race is supposed to end. That is not a surprise to us. I just find such joy in the idea that although we don't get to see the end of the race here, we know how it ends yet Suzie and Bernice will forever be in the dark about what the results were. It just makes me smile.

Prompt: Blade

Squiggles by Sharon is a fairly nonviolent strip so when I saw the prompt was the word blade, I began trying to fight my way out of the sword shop that my mind immediately went to. Once I arrived at the idea of roller blading, the strip kind of wrote itself.

If you're wondering how I selected Moochki to be our roller bladder: It's never really that hard to pick what character will do a specific action. Like I don't really have to sit and contemplate, "Who would be the most likely to roller roller blade?" I just kind of knew it would be something Moochki would do and then voila! A comic strip is born!

Prompt: Rodent

This one is just a nice ol' fashioned bad pun. It's funny because the word was rodent and she made the bad pun to a mouse. Get it?! Ha! Comedy gold here folks!

If you have any questions about a comic, want me to talk more about a specific part of my comic process or have feedback on what you'd like me to add to future posts, shoot me an email at I'd be happy to hear from you! Thanks for readin!