Meet the Gang


Squiggles - A neurotic squirrel that has a lot of anxiety and a lack of self-confidence. She is a dependable friend who will drop everything to help, but struggles to ask for help herself. She loves hard and tends to bite off more than she can chew. Although she'll say she always expects the worst, she's an optimist at heart.


Moochki - (pronounced Mooch-key) A fox with a mischievous side. He's a bit of a naysayer and likes to act tough, but he's a big softie underneath all that fur. He has a habit of trying to be an expert in everything which can and often does backfire. He also loves to cook.


Suzie - An empathetic sheep. She can be a little reckless and silly but it's always with good intention. She is extremely supportive but will never hesitate to speak her mind and put someone in their place. She is also a big soccer fan.


Bernice - A rabbit that will never ever stop trying to achieve her dream of being a successful gardener despite being seemingly unable to master the skill set. She tends to be pretty even-tempered but gets frustrated with the little things in life. Her persistence and belief in herself is endearing. 


Harold - A sarcastic, pessimistic, probably depressed duck. He tends to get lost in his own thoughts and emotions and spiral out. He’s a long-winded speaker because he feels a lot at once. He can come across as a bit pretentious. He’s Eggplant’s best friend.


Eggplant - A positive, optimistic, loving cow that loves to ask the big questions and more often than not manages to find a positive answer. Eggplant is a friend you can count on to be there at your lowest and help you even when you're afraid to ask. Almost nothing can knock this cow’s nearly permanently sunny disposition. Harold’s best friend. Cousin to Radish.


Sal - A young fawn that doesn't seem to have any parents but appears to be taken care of by all the other characters in the strip. His childlike wonder allows him to dream big (sometimes a little too big). He sees the world as a place of endless opportunity, but can be overwhelmed by all the paths in front of him. He's scared to grow up so he's doing his best to avoid it.


Paul - An overworked and underpaid polar bear that's saving for retirement in the Great White North. No one is entirely sure what he actually does for a living, but it sure seems to keep him ridiculously busy. He has little time for fun or friends. When he gets a rare day off, Party Time Paul emerges from his hibernation and blows off some steam.


Philip - A feline bartender and local small businessowner. He listens to his friends' jokes and gripes, in classic barkeep fashion, and lends a hand where he can. He's a little older than everyone else so he likes to think he has some wisdom (and bad jokes) to share.


Sarasota Squirrel - Squiggles' alter ego who pursues cinematic capers in the vast mysterious jungle, but in the end turns out to be a coping mechanism for Squiggles’ challenging moments.